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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Is Facebook Responsible For Divorces?

So let me begin by asking the big question- 'is Facebook or other social networking sites responsible for broken marriages?'..I know what you are thinking..No,not possible..

Well Lets get the statistics on board.Social networking sites like Facebook is the reason couples are experiencing break ups and the percentage is not acute..Using data compiled by 'Peoples Social Survey' where more than 16000 divorce cases have been analysed from 2001 to 2011, More than 30% Divorces have occured due to Facebook and such sites..

A recent survey conducted by a UK based divorce website disclosed that 33% behaviour divorce petitions filed cite Facebook as a Cause for filing for divorce in 2011..In 2009 the figure was 20%.

5000 people were surveyed by Divorce Online,the UK divorce website, during 2009 and 2011 covering Facebook as a means to check behaviour of spouse with the opposite sex.
* 3 reasons that came out on the top for listing Facebook in divorce petitions  were 1)inappropriate messages sent to opposite sex, 2)obscene pictures and 3)eventually infidelity.

Another report by the American Academy Of Matrimonial Lawyers claims that more than 80% of U.S divorce attorneys say that they have seen the number of cases involving social media increase drastically. 

Experts say that nowadays with facebook it is easier to start extra marital affairs as it only takes a few clicks to reconnect with a old flame.

Most of the research by clinicians and family scientists have indicated that suspicion is the major emotional factor that marks the beginning of the end..Suspicion leads to insecurity, pain and depression..A person suspects his or her soulmate even if he or she is innocent.
Extramaritial affair is other reason leading to divorces..

So you may be innocent or you may have betrayed your soulmate.But in any case chances of damage are very very high..30% is not a small figure..30 broken marriages out of 100 is alarming..Very Alarming!

Can We Question ourselves today. Was life more calm and happy before such sites ran havoc in our lives?..
Who is to be blamed,Facebook or Us? 
What have we gained by spending hours and hours on facebook?
What have we lost? Was it worth it after all??

Edited By Cen Fox Post Team

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