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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tips To Slow Down Ageing

They say 'Age Gracefully' and i am sure this is not said by a woman. we all try to mask ageing specially as we step into thirties and forties. The most visible signs of aging usually occur on the face. Wrinkles on the head and eyes, with loosening of the skin are the most serious signs..Can We stop ageing or atleast reduce the speed of ageing?

Yes we can..We definately Can..

Tips For Remaining young almost forever..

Be Happy-The physical damage caused to your body by stress has only recently become appreciated by the scientific community. Fill your life with things you love and get rid of almost everything else. Practice stress relieving activities like meditation and exercise, and learn to appreciate joy when you find it. Happiness does a body good.
Keep Stress and Anger away- The more you get angry, the more faster will wrinkles appear on your face..

Wake up with a smile..everday..all your life..forever.

Sleep like a log everynight for atleast 8 hours. The more sound and peaceful your sleep is, the more beautiful your skin would look.

Regular Exercise- This will keep your fat away and tone your skin and muscles..remember fat leads to loosening of skin..Jogging, cycling regularly are best forms of exercise.

Eat vegetables- There is good evidence that oxidative damage caused by toxins and metabolism contributes to the aging process at a cellular level. Foods (but not supplements) high in antioxidants seem to protect us from oxidative stress.
Green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and eggs will provide the necessary vitamins and proteins for your body..your skin and hair is made up of protein, so pamper yourself with protein shakes regularly.

Avoid sugar-Sugar is a direct cause of aging and significantly reduces lifespan in organisms from yeast to primates. Not by a small amount either.

Moisturize-The appearance of your skin is largely dependent upon moisture. Help it out by using moisturizers to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Work with a professional to determine what type is best for you.

Tea- Afternoon tea time is one of the greatest discoveries I’ve ever made. Not only is tea full of antioxidants and other cancer-fighting compounds, a midday break can be just what the doctor ordered to sip away stress.

Protect your skin and hair from the harsh sunrays by using a light colored scarf and by applying a soothing sunscreen..

Don’t smoke- Smoking is one of the easiest ways to look older than you really are and shorten your life at the same time. Avoid both primary and secondary smoke like the plague.

Maintain your weight within the normal limits..gaining weight or even losing weight will lead to stretch marks..so take care of how much you eat and what you eat..

Drink lots of water..i emphasise that water is the most essential ingredient that would keep you hydrated and reduce ageing big time..so always keep yourself hydrated.

Keep away from television and spend that time with your loved one..Love and Care will keep you young forever..And I double emphasise on this point..Love is the strongest element for looking young.

The above ways will do miracles on your body.so go for it girls and enjoy being young for very very long.

Edited By Cen Fox Post Team

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