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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Is Now UN Ambassador

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has added another feather to her cap after her appointment as UN ambassador
Former Miss World, actress, mother and now an United Nations ambassador, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has many number of feathers in her cap.

The actress spoke to NDTV soon after her appointment as the new international goodwill ambassador for UNAIDS. In an exclusive chat, the Bachchan bahu revealed that she had been approached by the United Nations about 10 years ago but at that time she was busy with her film career.

Aishwarya said, "In India you commit to films years ahead, so I could never find that time in the diary to be able to commit to actual work being done, it would have been a great announcement, but I have never been the one about announcements, so I had kept it on hold and then earlier this year we happened to meet when they had actually come down to India and I had expressed that I was interested in real work being done."

Aishwarya also said that being a mother helped her relate to issues connected with women and children's health. She said, "Personally I can completely relate to these issues. Especially as a mother. There is work to be done in prevention of mother to child transfer of the HIV virus and that is the area we are immediately working on- to have world free of another generation being born of HIV by 2015. This is something I will immediately be working on with the UNAIDS."

"Ït seems the perfect time because I am a new mother and I am talking about mother to child transfer and prevention of HIV. But this genuinely has been a cause close to my heart. What works today for me is that I am being able to plan my time at this point of time in my life because I have taken a break," said Ash.

Aishwarya made her annual appearance at Cannes this year in May and ended her maternity leave with an advertisement campaign for Kalyan Jewellers. But are we going to see her in a movie anytime soon? Unlikely.

Aishwarya says, "My daughter has just turned 10 months, so since my last trimester to 10 months I have taken a break from my public life or films, just doing a few endorsements here and there, I can plan my time ahead, I can plan my kind of professional commitments, I can plan my social commitments, as in social work commitments and my family time. It's a good time in my life where I can plan my time ahead and that's what makes sense for me."

The actress seems to be back in business after her prolonged maternity break. She recently recited the Sanskrit mantra Om Shanti to convey her message of peace at the United Nations. The actress seems to have evolved even further by taking on the mantle of a role model for the public. Heres' wising her all the best in her future endeavours.

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