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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tips To Prevent Hairfall Naturally

 Hairfall is a common term these days, it happens to the 50-60% of the men andwomen.It can make a person feel lonely and depressed.When ever you aresuffering from hair loss or hair thinning, its time for you to take your hairmore seriously.
Lifestylechanges has led to immense stress and insecurity. This lifestyle has also ledto changes in our food and diet.So if we prevent these conditions our health,hair and skin would once again rejuvenate.
Thefollowing methods if incorporated in our daily lives, I assure you a hugeimprovement in your hairfall condition.

1. Maintain good hygiene of your hair.That means you shouldkeep your hair protected from sunlight and dust using a light colouredscarf.Wash your hair with a mild herbal shampoo to prevent damage to hair.
2. Add Protein in your diet.Eggs and poultry products are avery rich source of proteins. You can also opt for protein shakes(recommended in case of excess hairfall)
3. Vitamin C stops hairfall.So add vitamin C in yourdiet.Citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, are especially high in vitaminC.
4. Vitamin B plays a great role in increasing hairgrowth.Take Vitamin B supplements in your Diet.Green leafy vegetables and meat products are high in Vitamin B
5. Iron defficiency also leads to hairfall. Diet rich in iron is green leafy vegetables,apple,strawberries and meat products.
6. Drink Water to Grow Hair
The hair shaft is comprised of one quarter water. Drink at least 8 glasses ofwater a day to stay hydrated and grow healthy hair.
7.Vitamin E Grows Hair
Vitamin E is another nutrient needed to grow hair. It stimulates thecirculation in the scalp and can be taken internally or applied to the scalp.Vitamin E is present in Cereals,nuts and green leafy vegetables.
8.Vitamin A Feeds Healthy Hair
Vitamin A helps create vibrant shiny hair because it works with the fatsynthesis in the hair follicles and spurs hair growth. Foods that containvitamin A include eggs, kale, squash, and carrots.
9.Smoking Causes Hair Loss
Smoking cigarettes reduces the blood flow to the scalp and this causes areduction in hair growth. Stop smoking to help hair grow.
10. Reduce Alcoholic Beverages to Reduce Hair Loss
Drinking alcohol reduces hair growth. Reduce or eliminate alcohol from the dietand you will see an increase in hair growth.
11. Massage your hair gently atleast once a week with aherbal oil to increase blood circulation of scalp and thus improving hairgrowth.
12. Keep away from stress. That is an absolute necessity.Iwont deal on that topic in this article, but do find ways to remain happy andpeaceful.Your quality of hair reflects the overall health of your body.
Enjoy Your Life And Have A Great Health!
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