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Friday, 5 October 2012

Actress Helen Hunt Gets Naked For A Role

Actress Helen Hunt went completely nude to shoot scenes as a sex surrogate for "The Sessions".
The 49-year-old actress says she felt vulnerable when it came to shooting the intimate scenes, reported New York Post online.
"I play the sex surrogate. The material created a vulnerability. I personally felt extremely vulnerable. No body make-up, because that gets sticky and creepy. So I did it naked. All naked... Totally completely naked. Naked beyond just naked," Hunt said.
"My jaw dropped at the prospect. When I was about to take my clothes off, my palms started to sweat," she added.
Hunt met with the woman she plays in the film and says the struck up an instant connection and she is thrilled the sex surrogate loved the finished movie.
"This real life therapist, living in California, is Cheryl Cohen Greene. Typical soccer mom with a house, mortgage, husband. We met. I stole her spirit. Her accent. She's not shy or filled with shame. She's instantly open. A real deal. I could ask or tell her anything.
"The day we met she quickly jumped into the shower because she had a therapy session due with a 70-year-old man," Hunt said.

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