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Monday, 15 October 2012

Bizarre Ways To Lose Weight

Bizarre ways to eat less

Living off baby food and eating with kiddie cutlery are just some of the ridiculous practices women are following to get thin. 

If you think Lady Gaga's fashion sense is bizarre, her diet habit takes the cake. The Born This Way singer reportedly, lives off just jars of baby food in a bid to feel full but still shed the kilos. The "goo" diet reportedly gives you daily intake of only 600 calories, certainly not enough for the grown 25-year-old woman Gaga is.

A UK newspaper reported that ever since this news was out, sales of baby food has rocketed 100 per cent in America, thanks to Gaga fans who want to copy the singer's diet. Hollywood actresses Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston have also gone on the diet, which requires having one main meal a day, then snacking on 100 gm jars of baby food. But babies and adult women have different nutrient and calorie needs.

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Although low in fat, sugar and salt, baby food lacks essential fibre, calcium and vitamin D. Kiddie cutlery trick It's no surprise that Shane Warne's girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley once said, "I'd kill myself if I was as fat as Marilyn Monroe." Hurley goes the extra mile to keep thin by "eating off a small plate and using tiny cutlery." She has even been spotted carrying doll-like kiddie cutlery to the restaurant she's dining at. The actress believes it's a great psychological trick to cheat her mind into thinking she's eating more than she really is.

The Cotton Ball Diet
This diet is all the rage in the US, and requires eating a few cotton balls before a meal to give a feeling of fullness. But sceptics say that if your body doesn't receive the nutrients it needs, it spells trouble. The body will crave them anyway.

Le Forking Launched in France, Le Forking centres around food you can eat with a fork. The Le Forking diet or The Fork It! Method, was brought to life by entrepreneur Ivan Gavriloff, who discovered this way of eating helped him lose weight and thereafter keep it stable. Using this method means you don't eat anything that won't fit on a fork. At dinner, you can only eat with a fork — no knives, spoons or fingers are allowed. So, fish, certain vegetables and grains are in; pasta, cereals and pulses are out. Gavriloff claims 'fork-only' eating can help slow down the speed you eat, helping you feel fuller sooner, and eat less.

The Toothpaste Diet
This fad involves brushing your teeth frequently throughout the day. The taste of mint curbs the desire to stuff yourself with food. The added advantage — clean teeth, but watch out for over-cleansing!

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