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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tips For Wrinkle Free Skin

Wrinkles are nothing but thin creases that we notice on certain parts of our body as our age increases. You can notice wrinkles on your face, especially at the corner of the eyes, on your neck and your hands.

However, wrinkles have come to be seen as synonymous with old age and people, especially women, panic at the first signs of wrinkles. Our skin contains elastin and collagen and it is these substances that give it the elasticity. As we grow older or even in case of skin damage, these elements reduce. As a result of this, the skin looks creased and sagging.

Wrinkles are also caused by over exposure to the rays of the sun. This often results in squinting and causes wrinkles around the eyes. If you smoke on a regular basis, you are likely to develop wrinkles. When people go on a crash diet with the aim of losing a lot of weight over a short period of time, their skin is adversely affected and develops wrinkles. 

Following are the essential things you need to do to prevent wrinkling of skin
1. Avoid the harsh sunrays or atleast cover your face with a scarf and use a gentle sunscreen.

2. Use Mosturizers to keep your skin soft and hydrated at all times.Hydration of the skin is the key to prevent wrinkles.

3. Drink lots and lots of water.atleast 8-10 glasses everyday.this will hydrate your whole system from within.

4. Dont Frown or get angry..atleast dont show it on your face..Frowning and raising eyebrows will lead to wrinkles faster than anything else.

5. Regular exercise increases the required blood circulations that will keep your system free of toxins.This will lead to to younger body.

6. Dont Smoke- smoking dries your system and fastens the wrinkling of skin.

7. Visit Gods Beauty Parlour- which means be a nice person, speak good, do good, dont hurt anybody and soon people will notice a glow on your face as if you have become 20 years younger.

8. Balanced diet which includes all the required proteins and vitamins.essentially green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, dry fruits,eggs and nuts.

I am also suggesting the following face masks that will rejuvenate your skin and will prevent wrinkles for long.

a) Coffee and Plum exfoliator
Coffee exfoliates and revitalizes your skin and has anti aging properties
Plum is another effective antioxidant
So this combination of coffee and plum works great in getting rid of the oldest dead skin cells and makes a wonderful anti aging exfoliator.
Take one tablespoon fine ground coffee and mix it with 3 mashed plums and one teaspoon honey. Apply it on your face and gently scrub off after ten minutes.

b)Green tea and Chamomile toner
 Green Tea and Chamomile is a very effective anti aging toner. This toner not only takes care of signs of aging but also soothes puffy eyes and lightens your complexion.
Boil one cup water and steep one green tea bag and one Chamomile tea bag. Let it cool for sometime. Apply it on your face with the help of a cotton ball. Do not rinse

If you follow these recipes religiously it can easily take 10-15 years off your face! So have fun girls.

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