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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tips To Recognise A Liar

         How To Know When Someone Lies To You!

1. Liars dont have a good memory.Liars always tend to forget what they had said last time and so they end up making contradicting statements.

2. Its easy to notice a Liars body language- They are either fidgeting with their hair, stroking their throat or rubbing their eyes.With their body often turned away from you, you may notice hand or leg fidgeting.Liars also have trouble swallowing and may shake their head after a point they have made.When the subject finally gets changed they appear happy and more comfortable, maybe laughing nervously. 

3. Liars take offence very quickly even if you show a little suspicion. They may also talk too much, feeling the need to over-explain themselves. 

4. Liars fail to control their facial expressions. While fibbing, you may notice nervous twitching. Their hand may be covering or touching their face.people also tend to touch their mouth when feeling guilty or anxious.Its easy to notice a fake smile too.

5. Liars nose reddens when they lie. When a human tells a lie, extra blood gets pumped through the body and the nose swells and turns red just a little bit. Liars may subsequently touch the tip of their nose unconsciously. 

6. A liar has a troubled brow and falling eyes. They have trouble looking eye to eye. If the person is telling you the truth, he will look up and to the left, since thats the side of brain used for recollecting information. If he is lying, he will look up to the right, since thats the side resposible for imagination. 

7. A liar has a hard time controlling his body language or his voice. The pitch or rate of speech may change, with the individual giving a lot of "umms" and "ahhs". Often a Liar will appear monotonous.

With these Tips You can definately see through a person and avoid being cheated..Take Care

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